Fun & Interesting Facts About The Philippines Culture (Latest)

Interesting Facts About The Philippines
Interesting Facts About The Philippines

Friends, today I will tell you some fun and interesting facts about the Philippines culture Friends, the country we are going to talk about today is full of beauty.

The Philippines is not only famous all over the world for its earthly beauty, but its girls have been included in the list of the most beautiful girls in the world many times.

We are talking about a beautiful country in Asia, from the Philippines' beautiful rice fields to friendly people today. I will tell you everything about the Philippines culture.

Interesting Facts About The Philippines Culture

The Philippines is a beautiful country in Asia. The foundation of which was separated from the United States in 1946. The Philippines is the second-largest island nation in the World with several islands are 7100.

Friends, the Philippines was first occupied by Spain and the United States; the war that ensued in 1858 Spain Gave Philippine the United States in 2 Million American Dollars after World War II, the United States completely liberated the Philippines.

And the Philippines became the first country in the World after World War II, so the Philippines celebrates its Independence Day on July 4 every year.

The country was named after King Philip of the Philippines. The full name of the country is the Republic of the Philippine. The Total area of the Philippines is 343448 km, with a total population of ten crores, and it is the twelfth largest country in the World in terms of population.

So far, Philippines girls won 3 Miss Universe, 5 Miss International 6 Miss Earth Crown, and 1 Miss World title. Now you know how Filipino girls are making a splash all over the World because of their beauty.

Philippine girls are very friendly. That is why whoever goes to the Philippines, the girls here become his friends. Yes, and you are surprised that the girls here like Indian boys very much because they believe that Indian boys spend their whole lives with the same girl.

The Philippines' Growth Rate is 8.0, which is best in World and fastest Growth Rate in the World, and the Growth Rate of the Philippines is at number two in Asia.

The economy of the Philippines depends on farming, and the Philippines is the biggest exporter of Coconut all over the World. The export of Coconut is the main source of income in the Philippines.


Fun Facts About The Philippines 

The Philippines also earn money from tourism, and many of the tourists travel to the Philippines to see his beauty every year.

Also, the Philippines is developing the world's technology, and its citizens specialize in building hard computer desks.

As I told you earlier, the Philippines was occupied by Spain, which is why such 80% percent of people in the Philippines are Christians. The Philippines is one of the countries in Asia where more than 80% percent of people are Christians.

Friends, 12% of the Philippines, are Muslims, and the others are Sikhs and Hindus.
But despite having 80% Christian population, you won't find many churches here. One of the good things about the country is that people of all faiths are given equal rights۔

Friends, each country has its own rules, which the people there must obey. There is also a rule in the Philippines where once you get married, you cannot remarry. This rule does not apply to Muslims.

Another good thing about the Philippines is that it is not considered good to open a gift immediately after it has been given to anyone.

Friends and more than 175 languages are spoken in the Philippines, but the national language is Filipino, which is similar to English. English is also spoken here. An estimated 52 million people speak English here.

It is another interesting facts about the Philippines that the Philippines is one of the most English-speaking countries, which is why so many students come here to study English. The advantage of being English here is that you can study English here at a very low cost.

The Philippines' currency is called peso, and one Philippine peso is equal to 1.20 Indian rupees. Students come here to learn English, but millions of students come here every year to study technology in the Philippines.

Friends, you can also call the Philippines the center of fashion and shopping. You know why, because three out of ten shopping malls in the world come to the Philippines, namely SM Mega Mall, SM North Exa, and SM Mall of Asia.

Here you will find a variety of items filled with one. Did you know that the national flag of the Philippines is also very special? In the days of the war, the flag has a red leaf on it. In the days of peace, the blue leaf is at the top.

Philippines Flag

Friends, the Philippines is a land of volcanoes. There are many volcanoes here, which is why there are so many earthquakes in the Philippines.

The Philippines is the world's second-largest gold producer after Africa, and the Philippines is the world's largest silver producer.

Let me tell you, the beauty of the ocean and the volcanic fires are two reasons why millions of people come to the Philippines every year. Not only volcanic eruptions, but earthquakes are also the most common in the Philippines.

The Philippines' capital is Malina to be found named after a white flower did you know that more than 13 million jellyfish are found in the Philippines?

The Philippines' national bird is the eagle, the largest of all eagles and also known as the Money Reaching Eagle.

Friends, the Philippines is a very beautiful country where the seas are one of the most beautiful in the world. The country celebrates many festivals throughout the year, and foreign guests are happily included in these festivals.

The friendly people here and the culture here make the Philippines different from the rest of the world. Not only that, but there are many kinds of plants and wild animals in the Philippines.

Most Beautiful Places in the Philippines to Visit

Most Beautiful Places in the Philippines
Most Beautiful Places in the Philippines

·         Manila

Manila is the country's capital, and the best place to get to know the Philippines places you can visit here these are Oceans Park, Resort Complex, City of Dream, and Okara. As evening falls, the city turns red.

  • Manila Bay

 It is one of the most beautiful seaports in the world where you can go for a night walk with your friends and family. In addition to the beauty of the sea, the view of the sunset here is also amazing. You can eat local food here as well as enjoy the wine.

  • Cebu

Now let's talk about Cebu Island, one of the largest islands of the Philippines that's why it is called the Queen of South it is the greatest place of a Philippine In Cebu, you can also enjoy the clear blue water and white sand. Along with this, you will find many malls in Cebu city, that's why you can do a lot of shopping here.

  • Palawan

Palawan is one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines; it is also called World of Water, too this island in the Philippines looks no less than a paradise on earth. The blue-green water of Palawan adds to the beauty of the place. All in all, this place's beauty is famous all over the world, and this is the reason why many kinds of plants and wild animals are found in large numbers here.

  • Vigan

If you want to stay in the Philippines and travel to Spain, this wish can be fulfilled by coming here in a Vigan. Come here and see what the Philippines looked like when Spain was in control of the Philippines. There will be beautiful articulture throughout the city. If you go to the Philippines, don't return without a Vigan tour.

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Here are some fun and interesting facts about the Philippine culture I hope you enjoy this an article. After reading this article, you can know about Fun facts about the Philippines culture.
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